Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Afternoon Reading - 4/6/2010

- If you're not already reading the excellent Cleveland Frowns, then fix that today. Frownie digs deep into why Holmgren's public stance on Jimmy Clausen may have hurt the team's options on draft day. While Frownie and I disagree on certain things (suffice to say he is not buying a "FREE SENECA WALLACE" t-shirt), I absolutely agree with him on this. That team has enough needs that the flexibility to trade or use draft picks however they see fit is a must. Teams may be less willing to trade up thanks to this, and Cleveland's needs, particularly if Eric Berry is off of the board, would be best suited with a move down in the round and additional draft picks. Also, we agree on Jared Odrick's importance as a smart, physical defensive lineman. Oddly enough, Odrick's style would be perfect for more flexible fronts (the reason I want him to be a Jet), but he's tailor made for Mangini's rigid 3-4 scheme, with the size and athleticism to become an excellent pass rush weapon. A rare player who can succeed with or without rigid structure.

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