Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The new currency

You may have noticed that, in an effort to bring you as much fodder for high minded football thought as possible, we’ve added a “widget” (though it’s far to monstrous in size to merit that name) to the bottom of our little hermit’s hut on the web. Basically, the magic of Tweetizen allows us to gather tweets from all across the Twitter network (last usage of fake internet vocab, I swear) and hopefully provide you with a lot of links to football news and commentary around the web. If you feel like getting involved in the commentary, jump in.

Also, if you want to stay up on what we’re thinking about life, love, and the blurred line between genres of offensive weapons, we’re on Twitter (damn…), and we’d love for you to follow us.

UPDATE: And error #1 is caught: Each tweet contains a link, but for whatever reason, it appears as a blank space at the end of the tweet and an underlined blank word (a bunch of underscores) when you hover. Click on that blankness to follow the link for now.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: And we've fixed that problem. Links should be visible now. Be sure to scroll down and check these links out!

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