Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Forgotten but not gone

Cian over at Fuhbaw gives us an excellent discussion of one of the NFL's most strangely forgotten defensive playmakers, Julian Peterson. Mark my words: If the Lions invest in the defensive trenches, that linebacking corps is going to have the freedom to wreak havoc. It's a 2008 Dolphins world, people. Believe.

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Cian said...

Detroit in 2009 is a call I've been wary to make, but something is stirring without a doubt. When I sit on my roof, cigarette smashed between fingers, gliding unconsciously to my lips and back, turning over the offseason thus far, I can't help thinking that the Lions have had the best one.

If they do change their uniforms from the Honolulu blue and silver (as the rumor goes) perhaps my illogical half will allow my to take faith. Regardless, my clunky thinker thinks you may be right. I'll make sure you get the props on that one.