Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Massive Hysteria

Hurt - T.I.

Albert Haynesworth to the Redskins, and all of a sudden the world in the NFC East just got a lot more confusing. After all, if the Redskins one glaring weakness was an inability to disrupt the pocket with the front four, could there be a better solution than the one man demolition derby at DT? Furthermore, in a division built on apparent extremes of identity (Giants = Brutality, Eagles = Quick strikes, Cowboys = Relentless, overwhelming offense), have the Redskins become the most balanced team in the pack? Obviously, not everyone is as strong a believer in The Behemoth as I am, but you can’t deny that he made the big third year starter transformation into a reliable passer. Throw in a developing receiving corps with speed and (finally) size to boot, a linebacking corps that should finally see its athleticism unleashed on fewer blockers, and a defensive backfield that is older, but still cagey enough to take advantage of rushed pass plays, and this move is looking like a sea change in a division that routinely seems to morph from year to year.

That said, there’s always the fear with this team that big free agency moves will take the place of developing the considerable talent they’ve picked up through the draft (this has, in fact, become this team’s own extreme identity over the years). Doing so, and failing to build an offense that is big enough in scope to accommodate the considerable talent it has, would make Haynesworth almost useless to this squad, as a division with this kind of offensive firepower is going to put up points no matter what. As crazy as this sounds, especially with a player of Haynesworth’s considerable impact, he needs to become a piece facilitating the development of the team’s real focus, rather than the newfound focus itself. Otherwise, it’s just more wear and tear on an already frustrated Portis, and a year of wasted development for three second year pass catchers who could all develop into starters.

Or maybe they should just pay a bajillion dollars for Marvin Harrison. That also seems like a solid Dan Snyder move.

UPDATE: Well, apparently the Skins have downgraded to "pursuing" Haynesworth. This is what a down economy does to the league, I guess.

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