Thursday, February 26, 2009

Football Fortune Cookie Wisdom 2-26-2009

Storm clouds gathering on the horizon.

Michael Vick will, as of July 20th, be freed from prison and transferred to a halfway house, marking the start of what could be the long road back to the league. Ignore the vaguely racist banter of both the article and the comments (and I like PFT, but come on...dude has already lost his reputation, his career, and a vast portion of what he owned...), and just remember that this is a man who made a mistake, but was nevertheless a tremendous athlete and a tremendously exciting football player. Anyone who watched him carry the Falcons on his back without any help from his receivers should be excited for him to at least get a shot at a comeback.

And, of course, there's the rub, because teams seem to be lining up as fast as possible to deny any interest in giving Vick a shot on their squad. This includes the losers, such as the Lions or the long quarterback-deprived 49ers, or even the Bucs, who never met a quarterback they didn't like (for at least a month, anyway...). Never mind that Michael Vick did almost two years and paid an unheard of price for a crime in which no people were hurt while we Leonard Little served an eight game suspension for his drunken role in the vehicular homicide of a human being. No, it's more important that each of these teams toe the line that the league has set its moral standing on for THIS issue, and heaven forbid that anyone experiment with their own stance on that morality.

It's bigger than X's and O's, people...

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