Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh man, oh man, oh man, what are the papers gonna say this week???

Oh geez, stupid Eric, so stupid. Why don’t these people like me yet?!? Didn’t I give them what they want? First they said I should be using my offensive line to run the ball more, and we blew it when I ran it three times on first and goal against a strong Pats front seven. Then they say I should “unleash” Brett Favre even though he’s only three weeks into the offense, and we get clobbered by a strong Chargers secondary that was giving us the run all night and has an offense that lives for opportunities to move the ball! Hell, I even called slants with a quarter of a yard between us and a two point conversion. I might as well go into Thomas Jones's home and whisper self-esteem crushing things into his ear as he sleeps!

Hey, hey, aren't I still the Mangenius? Right guys? Right? Just tell me what I should do and I'll do it!

Don’t they understand that I should be given credit for doing whatever the newspaper says I should do, regardless of situations or opponents? I mean, far be it from me to imply that Mark Cannizzaro of the NY Post might NOT be qualified to coach the team; that’s not the kind of attitude that gets you guest spots on The Sopranos! Hey, if the point of coaching a football game isn’t to get people to like you, then I don’t know what is!

I really hope this doesn’t take away from my candidacy for most likeable coach in New York!


Jersey said...

Why does everything with the Jets always have to be so hard? Every play is always on the cusp of failure. Half our touchdowns on Monday came from broken plays where receivers broke from their route. Its just always the hard way.

Alex said...

I still think "Mangina" is a more fitting nickname. Seriously, his play calling lacks testicularity.