Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Football Fortune Cookie Wisdom: 9/23/2008

I wish I could quit you.

Does it really do anybody any good for Merrill Hoge to kick VY while he's down at this point? At this point, it's fairly obvious that Young was a pick that went against several Titans coaches, though Fisher, to his credit, has stood by his young QB when he's had to do so, even if he could do more at times. I wonder, if Young never plays football again, after having helmed this team to the success of his first two seasons, is that a win? Is that good for the game of football? Do we really want to run off a young, talented QB that plays the game a little different, but who has shown the skills to win games? I can't help but think that maybe, seeing as Young is about as low as anyone would like him to go, it isn't very, very small of Hoge to revel so much in being right about a fragile young kid being a fragile young kid.

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