Wednesday, September 24, 2008

But we haven't even reached year 10 of my 25 year plan!

This is such a shortsighted move on your parts, citizens of Detroit. We're only seven years into things, and you want to cut and run. That's no way to respond to difficult times. You respond to difficult times by drafting unnecessary wideouts. They're like comfort food. You like that? Mike Williams was especially fond of that metaphor.

Jon Kitna would and probably will die for what we're building here, and you want out after almost a decade? You're monsters.

I thought we had similar goals here, namely the use of a football team to completely destroy Detroit as we knew it. If that wasn't a goal of ours, then I feel hurt and lied to.

I mean, come on; it's only been SEVEN YEARS! The Ming Dynasty took almost 300 years to get China on track, and nobody ran them out of town for being "grossly incompetent at their jobs" or printed "Fire Emperor Hongwu" t-shirts.

All I'm asking is for another small chance. Maybe 10 more years. Come on, give me the chance to ruin the childhood sports memories of another generation of your kids.


Alex said...

You know things are bad when the Ford family finds your management to be remiss.

Cian said...

Does Millen = mid 20th century communism?!