Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hope springs anew

Of all the things that are pleasing me about the AFC South this year, none of them are quite as happy go lucky as the attitude of several of the Texans fans I've talked to who are preaching what anyone who watched them play last year knew already: This team turned the corner, and is primed to have an elite defense, if not a top-flight team (I think they're an o-linemen and a running back away...but Steve Slaton hasn't played a down yet...).

Furthering the sentiment is Matt over at the excellent DGDB&D: A Texans blog, where he discusses Morlon Greenwood, who everyone would have been talking about as underrated last year were he not lined up with perpetually underrated DeMeco Ryans and Mario Williams. Hell, this entire defense could legitimately play the "no respect" card. Seriously, don't be surprised if they emerge from the AFC South slaughterhouse in surprising contention come midseason.

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