Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Take what you can, when you can.

For those of you who don't scour the net for little tidbits to perk your day up like I do, the Vikings have officially obtained former Chiefs DE Jared Allen, who led the league in sacks last year. In exchange, they sent over a first round pick as well as two third rounders. Hey, you know what I bet is a good idea? Taking a guy who has a clear penchant for drinking and putting him in a community where there's nothing to do but drink. I can't wait until someone finds the drunken IM logs between Allen and former Viking, current Packer Koren Robinson.

Still, from a football perspective, this is great for the Vikings. With the D-Line having been proven the most important part of any defensive scheme thanks to the Giants' Super Bowl victory, the Vikings have taken their league leading run stoppers and added the premier pass rusher in the league. Furthermore, the team has already made moves to bolster their secondary, and still have a second round pick to add that wideout they need so desperately (and it's a deep draft at WR).

Personally, I'm interested to see if, assuming this works, teams will finally stop guarding draft picks like they're priceless valuables. The fact of the matter is that the Vikings were able to leverage three question marks into an absolute certainty that filled a need. Can you consider that a loss, no matter how well the Chiefs draft? There are definitely other veterans out there that have elite talent and can fill a need for a team (Shockey and Jason Taylor come to mind), and if someone is willing to let go of a draft pick or two to pick them up, the returns could be immediate and superior to anything they would have gotten from a player that would need years of development before (MAYBE) becoming as good as the player they would be getting. Maybe this is the clear sign that big, bold moves are the only way to break out of the "development" cycle.

Anything to break down the traditional Mexican standoff that takes place every year around this time.

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