Monday, March 10, 2008

Quickie: When jokes come horrifically true...

That plane will no longer take off with him on it.

This interesting little tidbit is courtesy of an free agency report card...

At this point, quarterback is again a concern, because no one knows if JaMarcus Russell is ready to take over the starting job. There are rumors that he's close to 300 pounds and not exactly prepared for his close-up.

Seriously, does anybody even do anything in the Oakland front office? Warren Sapp gave a great interview on PTI where he explained that nobody seems to have any idea who is in charge. I can't imagine the kind of management failure it would take to let a number one overall draft pick and presumed future of the franchise eat himself up to three bills. Seriously, did the conditioning coach mix up Russell's training regimen with a copy of Byron Leftwich's dream journal?

They are going to waste the most powerful arm I have ever seen. Damn I hate the Raiders.

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Jerry said...

Why do you believe rumors...and i bet the raiders dont give a flying !@#$ if u hate them.