Monday, February 18, 2008

Seats at the beggars' table

(Trying to guess exactly how the next pass will be off target)

You know what leverage is? Leverage is knowing that if your team doesn't sign you, they're rolling with Justin McCareins as a starting wideout. I don't have enough good veins in my body to deal with a full season of that.

That said, I'm not sure the market for aging wide receivers with diminishing production and sci-fi movie villain names is what Coles thinks it is. Donte' Stallworth, a younger receiver with just as much speed and similar production, is on the market already, and while I like Trubb more, I'm one of the few who knew he was better than Peter Warrick back in the day (when FSU receivers ruled the world and terrorized its department stores). NFL GMs are not going to overpay for an injury prone speedster whose hands can disappear at times.

Is there an offseason W-L column? Are we 0-2 already?

I hate to love this team.

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