Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Quickie: Patchwork on the Titanic

This is a few days old, but nobody seems to be mentioning it in Blogtopia. From Peter King's MMQB column...

Len Pasquarelli, the football writer extraordinaire, gave incredible meaning to "playing hurt" this weekend. I noticed at the Pro Football Hall of Fame voting Saturday that Lenny seemed ill, and he was unusually quiet. He left the voting, wrote a story for his Web site on the latest failed bid to get Paul Tagliabue elected, then checked into a local hospital ... to find that he had five blocked arteries. He had quintuple bypass surgery Sunday. That is one tough dude. Your peers really admire you, Len. Get well soon.

For those of you who don't have the proper mental image, THIS is Len Pasquarelli...

And that is the BEST picture available, the one that he took to ESPN and said, "Yes, THIS is how I want to present myself to the world." No wonder nobody knew he was operating on five blocked arteries. Honestly, how is anyone going to honestly look at this man and say, "Wow, Len, you look less healthy than usual"? How bad would it have to be before anybody said that? Unless Len is coming in having turned blue or with an axe sticking out of his back, I'm pretty sure everyone is going to think it's business as usual. And who the hell sticks around at a meeting with five blocked arteries? What, was the HOF voting buffet especially delicious?

Seriously, I hope Len Pasquarelli gets well soon. While I'm at it, I hope the doctors did a little touch up work while they were in there. You know, maybe something to make it look less like he's got a combover wig, or a lift of those walrus jowls. The man is on TV, after all.

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