Thursday, February 14, 2008

Link: Undoubtable proof that Tom Brady is a douche.

See? The Boston Herald is saying that the golden boy's beach vacations are digging into his parental responsibilities! In short, Tom Brady is a worse father than Andy Reid and the guy who invented using kids as ashtrays combined.

In reality, this seems like one of those times when the media wants to throw itself into a situation that they really don't know that much about. If Brady is a bad father, this isn't evidence of that, and if he's not, then this is an unfair standard (is every divorcee supposed to sit and twiddle his thumbs while he's away from his kids?).

But I bet he totally shakes his baby.

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Ashley said...

I still can't believe he left Bridget Moynahan for Gisele. Yeah, Gisele has a great body, but she isn't really pretty, and will only get uglier. And that body will fade. Bridget on the other hand is a classic beauty who will remain so. He shoulda stayed with what he had.