Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Link: If it weren't an NFL QB, it'd be another normal night in Ohio

Anyone who's been around the site long enough knows that I'm a big Brady Quinn fan, so to find out that a guy who struck me as an unfairly maligned goofball may actually be just another frat boy douchebag is disheartening. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Brady Quinn and a group of friends were outside of a Columbus gay bar and allegedly began yelling homophobic slurs during an altercation.

The thing is, even if he wasn't involved in any of the fighting (which the report indicates), it's really disappointing to see this guy who caught so much flack for being the kind of guy who dresses up in silly costumes and takes stupid, vaguely gay pictures with friends sink to the level of gay bashing, particularly because he struck me as a charming guy.

Now, I'm just pretty sure he'd call me gay for writing that.

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