Monday, February 4, 2008

Link: And they say sh-t's deep, but it gets deeper...

When it rains...


This really is going to unravel everything. Also, don't think that a win for the Cheaters last night doesn't lead the League to bottle all of this up.

Apologies for the lack of anything today. Recovering from last night has been a special monster. We'll have a special Hangover up and a return to normalcy tomorrow.

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Vermando said...

Can we review the Patriots Superbowl record?

When cheating: 3-0
When playing by the rules: 0-1
Number won by more than a field goal: 0

I hope that these statistics dispel any foolish notion that the press was nursing these past years that the Patriots constitute anything like a dynasty to rival the great teams of the yore. I don't believe for an instant that, say, Ronnie Lott would have allowed Eli to get down the field on that last drive.