Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Close encounters of the cash kind

(Shades with no middle division are the number one NFL symptom of being effing crazy)

Over at Epic Carnival, my weekly offseason moves feature is up again today, this time talking about the Pats declining to pick up Stallworth's option. The thing is, you can only make so many alterations before you're no longer selling genuine goods, but cheap knockoffs instead, and this could be one of those situations where the Pats get left on the corner selling "Nike" boots with backwards swooshes.

(/bad Chinatown experience)

Of course, if Stallworth wants to be a winner, he's already in the best place for him, and they're likely to offer him something, but considering that he's moved around a lot over the last few years, and considering his value on the market may be as high as it will ever be, I'd be surprised to see him stick around for less than he could get elsewhere. The alien in his head needs strip club money, anyway.

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