Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catching Up With: Dan Morgan

From time to time, we at TiT are able to get a quick, exclusive interview with some of your favorite NFL stars. Today, we sit down with linebacker and "concussioneer" for the Carolina Panthers, Dan Morgan.

TiT: Dan, first of all, thanks for sitting down with us. Now, despite a career that has been hampered by injuries, you're touted by many as the best linebacker in the history of the Carolina Panthers franchise. How does it feel to be let go by the team?

Dan: (/drools, eyes roll back in sockets)

TiT: You're right, I guess it's just business as usual to you guys. So, where do you see yourself landing next season when it's all said and done?

Dan: (/bleeds from ears, nods head aimlessly)

TiT: Well I hope that works out for you. Any final words for some of your longtime fans who have been following you since your college days at Miami?

Dan: (/struggles to form word, struggles to form word, vomits)

Thanks for your time, Dan!

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Max said...

that's just wrong and classic at the same time... funny though