Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quickie: Did Philip Rivers win this round against LT2?

Not sure how many people saw this, but apparently Philip Rivers played last Sunday's AFC championship game against the Patriots with one ACL, as he'd had arthroscopic surgery just a week before the game in order to ensure he'd be able to play. This really is the perfect comeuppance on LT2 for the walk away diss earlier this year, as Tomlinson sat out practically the entire game with a similar injury.

You have to admire the fact that Rivers went out there to play such an important game with that kind of injury, whether or not he's shown himself to be a prick extraordinaire. I'm also hoping that we see this fact brought up at least ten times next season by Rivers himself in press conferences.

As for LT2, it just continues to reflect more and more poorly on him that he sat out what may have been the most important game of his career. The Patriots were on the ropes on Sunday, and it was largely due to a poor red zone offense that the Chargers were unable to seal the deal on an otherwise well executed game. How would having a premier scoring back like Tomlinson have changed that factor of the game plan? You can't be generally abrasive the entire season, then not show up when it's time for you to live up to what everyone should now see is a self adorned "diva" status.

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