Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quickie: So...can they?

Really good analysis from Football Outsiders (easily the go-to destination to find the most interesting numbers behind the game) on the Colts-Chargers game, which people seem to be talking about like it was the upset of all upsets. Personally, I'm not all that surprised. We've known all year that the Colts defense was going to suffer after the loss of Freeney, and the idea that losing a talent like that doesn't hurt a team is ridiculous. Also, for all the talk of how the previous game against San Diego had been "the worst game possible" for the Colts, didn't it rain on BOTH sides of the field that day?

Don't call it an upset; I'm saving that word for next week. That Chargers team is dangerous, and Vincent Jackson appears to have a little Braylon Edwards envy in him. Big receivers are the new little black dress, people; they look good anywhere.

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