Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Randy Moss we knew and loved barely tolerated is getting antsy

"That's right, with THIS side of my hand, right here."

Patriots WR Randy Moss, who has been touted as having made a complete turnaround in terms of his unruly off-field behavior this year, has apparently been slapped with a restraining order by a woman who is attempting to get, according to his interview with reporters, "six figures" from him. Obviously, because no charges have been filed as of yet, we can and should presume Moss as telling the truth.

We can also, however, presume Bostonians gigantic douchebags. Here are some of my favorite comments on the interview...

"such BS! if the chargers, the nfl, the new york post, del rio, favre, giants or any other patriot hater else thinks this is going to stop us from getting the 4th ring, theyre dead wrong!"

Right. It's their diabolical plan for this woman to beat herself up and accuse Randy Moss, so that he'll be brought down. Because victims of domestic abuse at the hands of athletes have such a history of getting career changing results.

"This lady seems like pure scum, and I hope she gets nailed for extortion if she did try to get money out of him."

Now I'm sure we all, like this educated gentleman, think that abuse victims a bit "whiny," but it's worth pointing out that there's a reason why civil charges are frequently brought before criminal charges, but getting into that would involve a lot of things that I don't feel like discussing (law school mumbo jumbo), and Pats fans don't feel like deciphering (three syllable words).

"feel bad for Randy let's hope that he get's through this nothing that a couple of TD reception can't cure....."

Sweet Lord. I hope you get cancer. How many TD receptions you think it would take to cure that?

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