Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quickie: Marvin Lewis is a jealous dance partner.

ESPN is reporting that, according to Marvin Lewis, Chad Johnson will NOT be traded in the offseason. Lewis told reporters that

[Johnson]'s going to go back and be a pro and go forward and play.

Hey, Marv, I hear it's a good idea to lay down ultimatums to notoriously touchy receivers. That always goes well.

Seriously, though, it's the right decision for the Bengals. Johnson knows his image is too reliant on gamesmanship for him to comfortably sit out a season, and the team would never get anywhere near fair value for him right now. Add to that the fact that Lewis is fighting for his career next season (why he wasn't THIS season is beyond me), and this seems to be the right move. Getting rid of a franchise player rarely results in a team improving anytime soon, and Lewis doesn't have years to develop a squad. Johnson is also the only thing giving the Bengals a positive resonance with fans. He's the direction that team should be moving in: Aggressive (the defense lacks ANY teeth), explosive (the run game lacked anything like his quickness), and fun (Carson's tantrums are the new Eli's sourpuss).

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