Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quickie: Coaching NFL football is the ultimate musical chairs game

In further proof that, when in comes to NFL head coaching, it's not what you've done, but what your name is, Jim Fassel has emerged as the leading candidate to take the head coaching gig for the Washington Redskins. It's telling that I've yet to read or hear a single fan or player opinion that makes this sound like a good idea (UM over at KSK and Mr. Irrelevant are both particularly sour).

Does anyone have a good reason why this man should get the job? Here's a guy who was fired by Brian Billick for not being able to run an offense, and Brian Billick was convinced that Elvis Grbac was the future of NFL quarterbacking. Meanwhile, player favorite Gregg Williams is on the bench after having run a top ten defensive squad despite the loss of several key players.

For that matter, why not take a chance on a NEW name? Mike Singletary, whose name keeps coming up, has to get hired sooner or later, right? Or why not get one of the many veterans on the market? If you're going to hire Jim Fassel, shouldn't you have at least tried to hire Brian Billick first, and get the root of the shit-offense tree instead of just eating its shitty fruit?

Yet another reason why this is the most weirdly managed team in the NFC.


Anonymous said...

It's because Dan Snyder is secretly (or no so secretly) a Cowboys fan.

Brandon said...

If Fassel gets this job, it may not be a bad thing for the Redskins. Fassel isn't a bad coach, and if you give him a couple of smart coordinators, he could do something with this very talented team. I'm not really big on Fassel, nor am I sold on his ability to be a truly successful head coach in this league with any kind of longevity, but I think that the Skins could do worse. After all, the best thing about a Fassel hire might be that they lose their current coordinators. If they hire Zorn from Seattle, and wrestle Rex Ryan away from Baltimore, they can have a nice core of coaches that can maximize the talent on this team. Zorn could be instrumental at developing Campbell, and Fassel might be able to put in a user-friendly system that allows the young, strong-armed QB to maximize his strengths.
I like your site by the way...