Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is Ok

You'd think I'd be angrier, but I'm really not. My boys lost by 10 points to the best team in football, and it took a coach with no balls (Really, Mangini? The option? Are we a high school team now?), bizarre penalties that would never get called against another team, and a reversed touchdown that was clearly a catch to do it (I'd like to point out that that was the EXACT SAME CATCH that the refs gave to the Patriots in their "victory" over the Ravens). Seriously, officiating crew, Justin McCareins has plenty of drops without your help.

Anyway, I got to see my favorite QB on the Jets come out and play a solid game against a team whose unfair coddling by the league is so blatant at this point that it's not even right to call it a conspiracy; conspiracies are generally executed a little more covertly. This on a day when we were supposed to lose by over three touchdowns. I'll live.

But damn the draft can't come soon enough.

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Josh said...

Typical Jets, really: gutsy and heartbreaking at the same time, wasting opportunities in a game where they've got no business competing. I'd feel alright about it in a vacuum...but the only thing keeping me going this season was schadenfraude, and the Dolphins won. So now I'm just angry at the world.