Monday, October 22, 2007

We make Kenny Watson look like Gale Sayers

Hey, Jets defense. Whatcha doing? Thinking about how rough it is being a Jet this year? Thinking of ways to be less effective in a poorly planned defensive scheme? Making plans on how you’ll ineffectively rub up against those big, bad offensive linemen next down? Getting ready to make your grumpy face after the game for reporters?

Well, I don’t want to interrupt, but you know what might be fun while you’re doing all that? SOMEBODY FUCKING TACKLE FUCKING KENNY FUCKING WATSON! Three rushing touchdowns?!? For KENNY FUCKING WATSON!?!? He’s going to go to the Pro Bowl off of this game footage alone, shitheads.

Don’t wory, I’m sure they’ll blame Chad anyway. It’s his fault for not putting up 40 points with an offense that still includes Justin McCareins in some schemes.

Dammit I hate every one of you.

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